Saturday, September 7, 2013

Oh So Glad to be Back...

Loved Beverly Hills but who doesn't..

I'm back and adjusting slowly. The holiday wore me out. Was very glad to get back to Kuwait, my stuff and Shanda. Getting the kiddlywink back to school was tough and lost a great deal of holiday zen in the uniform shop (about 20 people in a 2sqm space trying to find the right sized uniforms that are made in China with crazy sizes in them) took 40 mins to pick out a few bits, got on the very long line to pay and then had to listen to some woman asking the only cashier 101 questions she should have been asking the ladies dishing out the uniforms. Was very tempted to tap the guy in front of me and apologise for the female race.

Consequently, my uniform items were way too large and needing changing which is God's way of telling me to have more patience and curb the evil thoughts.

What can I say about the holiday....Fan-blooming-tastic! I love Vegas! Barely survived the One Direction concert where my daughter was totally overwhelmed by the 10000s of screaming girls and we actually left before the end. 

Great seats.Thank u Debs, our real life fairy godmother.

Met up with a fun old friend of mine and we all went off to see Rod Stewart in concert at Caesar's Palace. Amazing Rod - he is a super showman we all loved it.
My daughter hasn't stopped singing Maggie May since the show.

Loved Rod

The Micheal Jackson One show was absolutely incredible, the best thing I've ever been to see. We've seen other Cirque shows but MJ1 is super fantastic. Sadly, Zarkana paled in comparison. Great outlet shopping and chicken lollipops at the Tommy Bahama restaurant. Put 5kgs on because of the Aria hotel buffet heaven - which had everything you could possibly dream of for $40.

Loved spending the day with family in Santa Monica, LA. Adored The Ivy at the Shore restaurant 's seafood lunch. 

TDF lobster salad at The Ivy at the Shore, Santa Monica.
Not to be missed if you're there.

Universal Studios was mind-blowing but get the Front-of-the-Line fast passes or you're in for a long, hot wait. 

A welcome cool off whilst waiting for the fantastic
Waterworld show to start at Universal Studios.

Couldn't resist these for my poppet.

The limo tour of Beverly Hills was very educational and entertaining. Apparently, you are not allowed to stop your car in BH or get out of the car otherwise you can be arrested for loitering. Robert De Niro's house had no fence or high wall around it but the driver told us that it has sensors which alert the police station and they turn up in a nanosecond and cart you off. Hugh Hefner's place has a guest house on the opposite side of the road as he doesn't like his guests to sleep over in the house (strange not what I'd heard). There's a wild story of a Saudi prince that bought a mansion in BH and put up a naked statue in the driveway and was petitioned to remove it or sell the property by the Beverly Hills housing committee. He refused to do either and burned the place down, or so the story goes.

New York is always great whatever time of year. Had fun at Madam Tussauds, went to some incredible restaurants; Del Frisco's, 1221 Ave. of the Americas. TEL: (212) 575-5129. Fig and Olive, 10 East 52nd Street, Between 5th & Madison Ave TEL.  (212) 319.2002. Monkey Bar, 60E 54th Street TEL. (212) 288 1010. Bookings advised and can be made online through Loved seeing old friends and making new ones. Great little restaurant in Macy's on the 6th floor, Stella 34 Trattoria. Perfect place to leave the husband whilst shopping. Don't forget to pass by the visitor's centre to pick up your 10% off your shopping voucher just show your passport and room key. The voucher is valid for a week. Bloomingdales also have this offer. 

Ahhhhh.. New York just walking the streets is invigorating. A bit like sticking your finger in the electric socket. Always feel very alive there. Mustn't forget one of my old favs - The Salon de Ning in the Peninsula Hotel on 5th Avenue and 55th. The terrace is the loveliest place to view 5th Avenue from a great height.

Ten days in UK to see my beautiful new niece, Evie May, and lovely family. Fell instantly in love and couldn't help buy her oodles of the cutest little dresses with matching shoes. One can never start too early when it comes to fashion. Enjoyed glorious weather and good times with loved ones. Hated LEGOLAND we turned up without fast passes (all sold out) and had to wait in line for an hour + per ride, it was hot, wasps everywhere, no darn mobile reception and the food was nasty. Turns out it was one of Legoland's busiest days. :O( Kids had a great time - the parents deserved gold medals.

Happy to be back and doing pyjama days again.


  1. What a fabulous trip! It sounds like you had such a great time. Welcome back to Kuwait. :-)

    1. Thanxxx Expat, hope all's well with you xx

    2. Dear Kim....

      Great holidays!!
      Nice and juicy report about your trip...thanks for sharing!

      Welcome back!

    3. Hi Silvia, thank you :OD Hope you are both well xx Look forward to catching up soon.


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