Monday, September 10, 2018

Going Keto

I've been on a keto diet for 8 days so far and although I can't find the scales to weigh myself there are a few pluses already. I don't feel bloated (no milk, no pulses), I have more energy (fat is like rocket fuel), my stiff shoulder feels much better (apparently going keto can reduce inflammation) and almost zero cravings (not even cake, brownies or my fav cookies) so I would say that, so far, I'm pretty interested in staying on it.

You can have as little as possible ideally below 20g net carbs (pasta, sugar, bread, potatoes, rice are out) but meal times have been relatively easy I replace rice with cauliflower rice, I think because it looks like rice my brain is fooled, it tastes good, it's healthy and very satisfying. I should say no carbs in the beginning as you should actively avoid them at all cost but they sneak in so be vigilant. And even though you can eat plenty of fat you must avoid the carbs at all costs. So lots of label reading.

The whole idea of a keto diet is to get your body working on another energy source instead of an intake of glucose via carbs. Once you get your carb intake down to 20g per day your body will start to use your own fat deposits (ketosis) as energy which will lead to steady, impressive weight loss.

Signs of ketosis are dramatic appetite suppression, improved mood, increased energy, diminished sugar cravings. There a keto flu initially it seems but, so far, I haven't experienced it [link].

The diet focuses on eating mostly fat, limited amounts of protein, and almost no carbs at all. The "do" list includes meat, seafood, eggs, vegetables that grow above ground, nuts and seeds, fats and oils, and some full-fat dairy products. In terms of drinks, most keto diet guides advise people to stick to water and skip diet soda, even though it's artificially sweetened some say it can induce hunger but there are varying views on this. Unsweetened Coconut and nut milks are fine.

You are not going to ever feel hungry on this diet but you do kinda miss the toast to dip in your boiled eggs and to put your peanut butter on (solution below is Dr Pape Low Carb Protein Bread). There are plenty of recipes on the net some are good, some are not. The ingredients can get pretty expensive ie. Almond flour and coconut flour to use in making faux bread, pancakes, biscotti, crackers. There are a few keto choices to buy for snacks, other than cheese or nuts, but check for carbs as so far I have not found them.  A lot of ingredient reading going on before buying those protein bars some have carbs and sugar. I've gotten used to bulletproof coffee and coconut milk tea and hope to try Starbucks Kuwait keto-ness tomorrow. 

If they have these options in Kuwait I'll be happy. They have now introduced coconut and almond milk cappuccinos.

I've lost a kilo without really trying, I tried a Caribou coffee last night and asked for a cappuccino with cream and Sugar-Free vanilla syrup tasted great but later I had some bloating and cramping which had me wondering if it was cream or milk. Note to self to keep a close eye on what they put in as it could knock you out of ketosis. I'm still learning but keen to know more.

I've started drinking bulletproof coffee, or a simplified version with instant Gold Blend, which is with coconut oil and butter, and as gruesome as it sounds, it tastes creamy, rich and good. I feel as if my focus and energy levels have risen noticeably. The simple version is black coffee (I use instant) - 1 cup hot black coffee add 2 tbs butter and tbs coconut oil.

I'm going to stick to it. If you have a sweet tooth then stock up on sugar-free sugar (stevia drops), yummy SF maple syrup, SF strawberry sauce, SF boiled sweets and SF gum. Strangely, I have noticed that I am no longer drinking my tea and coffee with Stevia drops and it tastes fine without it. Bizarre but loving it.

Watch those carbs, it's the net carbs that you need to read as fibre is okay.

If you are looking for inspiration and motivation check #keto on Instagram and see some of the incredible transformations, tips, recipes, etc. And I would highly recommend downloading a keto/carb tracker app to help keep you on the right path. I suggest you input your breakfast and lunch before you eat dinner and then you can see how you much you need to tweak dinner and snacks.

Keto tracker app

Haaaaa...What diet? Yesterday's breakfast.

Stay tuned I will add some tried and tested recipes. 

This diet works extremely well with IF, intermittent fasting, so I'm planning to try that too soon. 


Keto bread

Keto chapatis

Yummy keto friendly coconut chia pudding [recipe link]
Health benefits of Chia Seeds - I live on this and swear by it for energy and fibre (no more constipation)6 months later update. Still on keto (or as close as possible somedays not keto but really low carbs which reduces the weight loss but not the feel-good benefits) and loving it.  I have lost about 5kgs and my energy levels are amazing. I spent a lot of time trying to make the above bread-substitutes and not really enjoying them but thankfully you can buy Dr Pape's Low Carb Protein Bread in Saveco, Approved Market, Sultan Centre and it's delicious.Buy chia seeds, almond flour and nuts in bulk from Saveco it is much cheaper.I need my chocolate and treats so some days I go over my carb limit and sneak in the Canderel Stevia chocolate bars from most supermarkets. I have a addiction for Barebells snack bars that are available at Saveco and Approved Market. Keto is all about carb counting; the less carbs, the more weight loss. I find as long as I have a snack bar in my bag I can get through the day very easily.I have decided to stay low carb/keto because it makes me feel really good. And almost everyone I know that is doing keto feels the same way. Lots of people are interested and I would recommend they watch 'The Magic Pill' and then go to and once they understand the concept and benefits then start going keto.Good luck!

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