Monday, May 15, 2017

One With Earth Workshop for Kids

'One With Earth' workshop has been designed by a small team of environmental scientists, educators, activists and artists to dissect the factors harming our environment today. The areas of land, air and water pollution, as well as waste management and recycling will be investigated using scientific methods which engage students' critical thinking skills. Students will work together at the end of each class to create reusable and upcycled art to provide presentations on what they've discovered in their learning.
The workshop targets 4-12 year olds, inviting parents to join in, and aims to promote analytical skills, teamwork, public speaking, and environmental awareness. The ultimate goal is to help nurture a green mindset for our future. 

Proceeds from the class will be used to promote a local recycling campaign. 
Register at 

Book Drive For Refugee Camps And To Refill Ransacked Libraries In The Middle East

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Premier Sport Academy's Summer Camp

Premier Sport Academy's Ramadan Football Camp

British Academies Summer Camp

BAS Summer Swim Camp

Review: Beauty And The Beast The Musical

Wow! I am a huge fan of Staged In Kuwait Productions but this one was phenomenal, truly fantastic! Everything from the stage decoration, costumes, wigs, make up, amusing magical tea cup boy, the acting and the truly incredible singing made a fabulous show. I would say their best ever and I've seen some excellent SIK musicals but this was really first class. I have nothing but praise for this band of merry volunteers who give up their time and almost literally break legs every performance with their energetic, all out performance. 

Tim, you are a supreme being who's creativity and artistic vision knows no bounds I can not believe how lucky we are to have you and all these wonderful, talented, extraordinary people in Kuwait. You made our week. Thank you.

I really hope Staged In Kuwait find much needed sponsorship/funding and a new location because to lose this calibre of theatre would be truly heartbreaking.

Oh, and while we are on the subject of how amazing Tim Wadell is, how about an MBE for his 21 years of artistic service to the community in Kuwait. Kuwait would not be the same without him.

If you haven't seen the show then don't worry due to it's huge popularity SIK are putting on one more show on Friday 19th May at 2.30pm and tickets are still available at I promise you that you will love it.

It's an 11/10 from me.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Last Chance To Be Part Of The Proteges Generation Seven

Kuwait - Berlin - Prague

This Friday (May 12th 2017) is the last day of registration for The Proteges Generation 7 
To Register 


We want to achieve a perfect formula to integrate knowledge and life experiences and stimulate the minds of the new generation to bring about a better tomorrow. We are accumulating the combined knowledge and expertise of all our mentors in an effort to refine the students and deliver them the right message.What most people consider ‘free-time’, we consider an opportunity, a precious chance to utilize that time and transform it into a learning opportunity for our participants, wherein every moment can be taken advantage of to learn, interact, and deliver.Tell your story. Use catchy text, bullets, links and more to bring your words to life.


 The Proteges will take you to an extraordinary life experience that combines fun, work, wisdom and personality development. Simply put, The Proteges will open your eyes to a new world that you always craved. This 6-weeks program will give you the chance to experience:

- Unique outdoor activities
- Seminars
- Workshops
- Developing business ideas allowing you to start your own business
- Games, group interactions and activities to enable hands on learning
- Trip abroad
- Unlimited fun

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Friday, May 5, 2017

My Simply Delicious Tirimisu Ice Cream Cake

A huge hit and I will take all the credit although I've never been one for complicated, time consuming recipes.

Chocolate cake mix
3 eggs
1/3 cup oil
1/2 cup of water
400 gm dark Seedawi chocolate
1 and a 1/2 tubs of KDD Dolce Vita Tirimisu Ice Cream

Use a large round springform pan and make the chocolate cake mix as per instructions but use half the water required (this will give you more of a brownie base rather than a sponge one). Once baked use a clean tea cloth over the top to gently press down the dome until you have a flatter topped brownie base. Let cool on a rack at least an hour or until cold to touch.

Heat 3/4 cup of full cream milk in saucepan until almost boiling. Remove from heat. Add in 250 gm of chopped, dark chocolate and stir. You have your chocolate sauce. Let it cool down.

Remove ice cream from freezer leave outside until a little soft.

Now we assemble; Put the brownie base back into the round springform tin and lock it, poke holes in the brownie base - I use the end of a chopstick. Pour over half of the chocolate sauce to sink into holes. Take your softened ice cream and spread over the base. Top with the rest of the chocolate sauce. Place back in freezer. Voila!

To remove, take from freezer to soften for 5-10 minutes then use a knife to loosen around the edges. Undo the springform tin and remove.


Mommy Matters Event

Korean Calligraphy 2 Short Programs

The Korean Calligrapher "Ms. Cho Yoonhyun (Nadia)" in collaboration with The Korean Kuwaiti Cultural Diwaniya (HanKut) is organizing the following program:

Program: Korean Calligraphy - Short Course

Organizer: Han-Kut Diwaniya

Hours: 4 lessons (2 hours/lesson)

Level: Beginning to Intermediate (Anyone who can read and write Korean)

Objective: Through this course, you can learn Korean more easily and enjoyably by learning Korean calligraphy. In this course, you can practice to write your favorite K-POP lyrics and famous scene from K-Drama. 
 By end of the course, you can get certificate of this course.

Price: 30 KD  (Non refundable) 
 Tools cost and Place rental fee are included.

Date: Monday & Wednesday : Dip-pen with Ink
         Thursday & Saturday : Brush-pen
Time: 17:00-19:00

Place: Café Chit Chat in Safir Hotel in Fintas.

Address: Safir Hotel And Residences, Al Aqueela Beach Seashore 209, Salem Sabah Al Salem Al Sabah St, Fintas 13009, Kuwait (Location in Google Map)

Application: May 1st ~ May 11th.
★ The number of students is limited to four per class.

Start Date: Thursday & Saturday : May 13th
                  Monday & Wednesday : May 15th

For more details regarding the Korean Calligraphy Program, Kindly click on this (Link)

If you are interested to join the Korean Calligraphy Program, please fill the registration form by clicking on this (link).

Feel free to contact "Ms. Cho Yoonhyun (Nadia)" whenever you have any questions:

Ed Sheeran Live In Dubai Pre-Sale Registration



(May 4th 2017, Dubai) Set to be one of the most highly anticipated Dubai performances of 2017, AEG Presents and 117Live today proudly announce that the British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran will be on our shores on November 23rd, for a one night only performance at The Autism Rocks Arena. In addition to Dubai, Ed will also bring the tour to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. More Asian dates and cities will be revealed shortly.
Fans across the region can register for the official pre sale NOW at Pre sale will commence May 9th via the Dubai Calendar APP, with general on sale starting May 11th via Do not delay-this show will sell out. Organisers are also reminding fans to not purchase tickets from unauthorised resellers, as such tickets may be invalid and will therefore not be honoured at the gate.
The news comes off the back of a phenomenal year so far for 26-year-old Ed Sheeran. Kicking-off music in 2017 and delivering the biggest musical comeback in recent years, Ed’s dual singles “Shape Of You” and “Castle On The Hill” have taken the globe by storm, hitting the #1 and #2 spots across the charts worldwide while seeing the Suffolk native break a magnitude of records along the way. On course to cement his third week at #1 & #2 respectively in the UK’s Official Singles Chart tomorrow [Ed made OCC history as the first-ever artist to land the two spots respectively with two brand new tracks], Ed recently conquered more milestones in the USA after landing his first-ever #1 as a performer on the Billboard Hot 100 with "Shape Of You" - with "Castle On The Hill" sitting closely behind at #6 on the chart, Ed also became the first artist to debut in Billboard's 'Top 10' with two songs simultaneously. Not to mention the huge assortment of Spotify records broken by the troubadour, making history with their biggest-ever ‘one week’ and ‘one day’ streams for a track, globally with “Shape Of You” (the records were previously held by Drake’s “One Dance” and Adele’s “Hello”, respectively). Moreover, Ed topped the streaming service’s biggest-ever opening 24 hour streams with both singles, surpassing previous title holders, One Direction. Reaching 132 combined #1 iTunes positions around the world and accomplishing Apple Music’s biggest-ever ‘day’ and ‘one week’ streams, the two singles have accumulated over 370 MILLION worldwide streams to date. Ed’s official video for “Castle On The Hill”, which was shot in his native Framlingham, Suffolk, has already reached over 156 million hits!


Bridal Party Accessories Galore at Icing, Upstairs at Mishref Co-op

Thursday, May 4, 2017

The Last Performance for Staged In Kuwait?

The end of SIK? No please say it isn't so. This wonderful bunch of volunteers who give up their precious weekends and evenings to entertain us and our youngsters desperately need reasonably priced premises to continue their mission to bring great theatre and laughter to us. 

I already have my tickets for Beauty and the Beast next week and have been a huge fan of SIK for a very long time to think this might be their last production is heartbreaking.

We need a solution or suggestions on how to keep this company going because Christmas will not be Christmas with the SIK panto every year.

This is a well-run company that could do with a fabulous patron. 

So here's a few I'm thinking of:

1. Go Fund Me page
2. Sponsorship (Come on British companies and entities panto and theatre is a great British export)
3. Fabulous patron
4. Join up with LAPA
6. Al Shaheed Park for performances
7. Approach JACC

We need to save SIK! Please share to any theatre lovers.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

There's an Algae Bloom The Size of Mexico in The Arabian Sea Right Now, And It's Not Good

The ocean is suffocating.
25 MAR 2017
An algae bloom the size of Mexico has appeared in the Arabian Sea, thanks to a growing 'dead zone' in the Gulf of Oman.
It's not the first time the build-up of green slime has appeared during the winter months, but the bloom now stretches all the way from the shores of Oman on the west, to India and Pakistan on the east, turning the waves "almost guacamole-like", according to a NASA biologist. And it's not a good sign for the local ecosystem.
While these algae blooms might look pretty from space or at night - they're the same 'sea sparkles' that are responsible for bioluminescence - up close, they can have serious consequences.
800Norman Kuring/NASA
Not only do they smell and look terrible, putting tourists off visiting local beaches, but these blooms can trigger the release of ammonia that poisons nearby marine life.
This Mexico-sized bloom is now forming twice a year in the Arabian Sea, and NASA satellite images show that it's growing.
So what's going on here?
The algae bloom is caused by Noctiluca scintillans - often called sea sparkles - which are microscopic dinoflagellates. These dinoflagellates are strange, tiny creatures that feed on plankton and suck up energy from the Sun via microscopic algae living within their cells.
In a typical marine ecosystem, they make up just a small part of the food chain. But when there's a build-up of plankton, they can form massive blooms that begins to dominate the local area. And that's not great for the environment.
"When the [sea sparkles'] cell breaks down, ammonia is released, and the massive bloom could become a deadly cloud," author and biologist Lisa Gershwin told Business Insider back in 2015, when a similar bloom occurred off the coast of Tasmania in Australia.
"It can change the flavour of the water and it's noxious to fish ... As creatures go, it's more of the unwanted kind. In extreme cases it can cause fish kills; it does it all over the world," she added.
That's a massive threat for local industry, seeing as fishing sustains around 120 million people living on the edge of the Arabian Sea.
But what's really concerning is the fact that these dinoflagellate blooms weren't regularly seen until the past decade or so, and now are becoming increasingly common around the planet - particularly in the Arabian Sea.
460xNorman Kuring/NASA and USGS
"It's unusual for Noctiluca to bloom in the open sea and return year after year," said Andrew Juhl, a microbiologist from Columbia University's Lamont-Doherty back in 2014. 
"All of these observations suggest that something dramatic has changed in the Arabian Sea."
A separate team from Columbia University showed in a 2014 Nature Communications paper that the dinoflagellates have become more common in the region due to something called hypoxia, or lack of oxygen.
After monitoring the growth of the algae blooms for three years between 2009 and 2012, they found a dead zone the size of Texas had formed in the northern Arabian sea - which is a region where pollutants from human activity has depleted oxygen levels.
It's not entirely clear what's caused this patch of oxygen-starved sea, but the researchers hypothesise that it has something to do with rapid growth in the region over the past 30 years, and increased sewage run-off, which leads to a build of chemicals such as nitrogen and phosphorous.
Those conditions are toxic for a lot of marine life, but they're ideal for the plankton that N. scintillans feeds on.
Until recently, organisms called diatoms supported the Arabian Sea food chain. But in the early 2000s, vast blooms of N. scintillans began to build up, and there was a sharp drop in the number of diatoms in the region.
"Within a decade, Noctiluca had virtually replaced diatoms at the base of the food chain, marking the start of a colossal ecosystem shift," a Columbia University press release explains.
This isn't just changing things at the bottom of the food chain, but also further up - the crustacean grazers that usually feed on diatoms can't eat the sea sparkles.
There are concerns that the algae blooms could spawn an alternate food chain altogether, with more jellyfish and sea turtles, and less predatory fish.
The Arabian Sea isn't the only place suffering, though - as climate change increases ocean temperature around the planet, not only are algae blooms becoming more common, but so are these dead zones.
Warming ocean temperatures world-wide dredge up more nutrients from the ocean floor, which exacerbates the problem.
2008 study in Science found that, globally, dead zones have doubled in size each decade and now cover more than 153,000 square km (95,000 square miles) of the planet's oceans.
So we can get used to seeing more of these algae blooms in our oceans in future. But let's just hope researchers find a way to manage the problem before all our oceans are suffocated.