Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Review: Verandah Restaurant, Harvey Nichols at The Avenues :OI

Ate dinner here yesterday. Far from impressive. Interior is pretty cool feels a bit like you've been trapped in a fish's gills. 

2 orange juices, 1 watermelon juice and water KD 9.500
2 rocca salads - nothing special
1 scallop risotto - bland and boring
1 ribeye steak with fois gras - superb but didn't think the caramelised fig went well (it wasn't sweet enough)

Total KD 36

I found something hard and plasticy in the salad I told the waiter that it looked like a piece of polished finger nail. He called the French maitre d' who told me it was caramelised onion. I said it didn't taste like onion he said it must have got in there by mistake. No replacement offered, no deduction. Although he did offer to bring another piece of fois gras, I declined. 

Overall an expensive, unpleasant experience.. would not return.


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