Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Ford Middle East Invites Breast Cancer Survivors to Support "Warriorsin Pink" Campaign

Ford Middle East would like to invite breast cancer survivors to join together to support the ‘Warriors in Pink’ campaign. We would like to invite 5 ladies to participate in a fun photo shoot during which they will showcase the new 2014 Warriors in Pink collection to help raise awareness for the cause and highlight the importance of early detection, regular checks etc.

This campaign promotes breast cancer awareness and has been run in the US for the past 20 years – please find a link to the website below:

Warriors in Pink launches a new clothing collection which contains a selection of, t-shirts, scarfs, shirts, pj’s, jackets, ties etc. for both males and females. The money raised from the sales of these items goes directly towards breast cancer research and support.

We need 5 breast cancer survivors from Kuwait to model this clothing for the Warriors in Pink. We will  provide them with the new 2014 collection from US according to their sizes , do their hair and makeup by a professional hair dresser and makeup artist and conduct a photoshoot with them (images from last years shoot in Dubai attached) . A professional photographer from Dubai will come to do the shoot , She is great at capturing the essence of the ladies and is very sensitive and has worked in the region for many years.  

We will then sent these images along with a story promoting the campaigns ‘early detection’ message with sound bites from these brave and positive women out to the media. The breast cancer awareness message is that strong and relevant and sufferers need to have the courage and strength to fight against the disease and others need to support friends and family who may be suffering with this health issue.

All the shots will of course be culturally sensitive in each market and we will always check that the ladies are happy with what we are asking them to do.  

We will create a story around each shoot and feature sound bites from each market to be sent out with the images.

Contact stacylobo@gmail.com Tel 94445711

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