Thursday, May 28, 2015

Fingers and Toes Crossed for the Kids Taking Exams - Fabulous Free Science Revision Sheets


Now I know I'm more worried about the exams than my precious babygirl and I'm trying not to transfer that anxiety to her but kids (and some parents) now just don't seem to realise they have to up their game. There is much more competition out there than ever before for good universities and jobs.
I curse the day babygirl got an iPhone, they spend way too much time on them. The iPhone usage is a constant battle in our house with the phone being confiscated for weeks at a time, the upside is; it is almost in pristine condition and there really is no point in getting her the much wanted iPhone 6 as she'd never see it. But the softies that we are it will be the report card that decides that.
I did stumble on the best science revision ever. It's a pdf file so I can't put it all on here but if you email me I will gladly send it to you. Subject: Science Revision Keystage 3.
Failing all the revision, hair-pulling, cajoling and crying.. there's always summer school. Evil grin. Shall be looking in to it with

Anderson Education offers FREE impartial help, advice and guidance on UK boarding schools, summer and language programmes.
Good luck kids.

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