Friday, June 26, 2015

#OneKuwait Standing Firm and United

A heinous sectarian attack on 2000 Muslim worshippers killing 25 at Friday prayer in a Shia mosque in Kuwait City today leaves me, and many, humbled and proud of the response, unity and compassion shown by the Kuwaitis.

The mosque's CCTV cameras identified the suicide bomber, it seems authorities quickly apprehended the driver of a gold coloured four-wheel drive car with Saudi plates that had allegedly dropped off the bomber (though I haven't seem this verified but plenty of chatter about it), HH the Amir and ministers visited the scene and called for an emergency meeting, 1000s turned up to donate blood for the 200 injured and the Kuwaitis unanimously united in their rejection of ISIS and their evil attack and carnage intended to cause a rift among them.



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