Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Brutal Sex Attack on European Woman in Spanish Villas, Salwa Block 10‏

A lady was brutally attacked in her home last Monday evening by a knife-wielding teenager. She was waiting for some cookies to finish in the oven and had opened the door of her home to let out smoke from her cigarette as she waited. She noticed a shadow outside and quickly realised it was a man who was fixated on her and masturbating. She screamed and moved towards the door to close and lock it but he made a lunge towards the door and try to push it open, she still had the cigarette in her hand and so burnt his neck to get him to back off. She closed the door and moved away from the door only to realise that she had not locked the door properly and the assailant opened the door and entered her home. He drew a small knife and tried to push her down and cut at her clothes. The female victim managed to overpower him and get away and raise the alarm. None of her neighbours or harris responded to her screams and door banging. Eventually the harris came out to see what all the commotion was but the attacker had fled the scene. The good news is he has been apprehended by police and identified, bad news is she feels terrified to go back to her apartment and the building management have denied her requests to have the outer doors locked for the residents protection or allow her to put a re-enforced door on her apartment (at her cost).  
We are also hearing of increasing incidents in Salwa area of maids being accosted by men in cars. 
Be aware, be cautious, lock doors and windows, keep curtains drawn at night, don't go near men calling you from cars, brief your kids and maids, scream, shout, fight and run away from any situations that seem inappropriate and dangerous. Always keep your phone with you if out walking and try to take a photo of car number plate if you can. If you have been attacked call police immediately as they will need to investigate and take prints ASAP. Always report incidents to police at your local station or call 112 if you need assistance. 


  1. Oh gosh, another scary attack. And what angers me the most is that no one gave a rat's ass even after all noise and screaming! What if something had happened? At least call the police.. do something people!

  2. It was what I found most upsetting too. But it was late nearly midnight so possible that people were asleep or too groggy to realise. We should all be more aware and cautious.

  3. It is common that people don't respond when a woman is screaming. Many people are "shamed" or think it is a domestic issue and won't get involved. Studies in Western countries have shown that you will be much more successful if you shout "Fire!" in getting someone to come to your aid.

    Kuwait used to be such a safe country. It makes me physically sick to know that so many horrible autrocities are happening now - and for the most part, nothing is being done about it: domestic violence against women, honor killings, child exploitation, child abuse and neglect, animal abuse and neglect, dog fighting, drugs, thefts... it goes on and on.

    But hey - they re-painted all the police cars! I guess that's a step in the right direction, riiiiiight?! RRRRR

  4. That's true. Didn't realize it happened that late. I guess I'd just shrug off the noises as well if I was in bed. Time to find myself some pepper spray!

    1. AnonymousMay 19, 2016

      Please, tell me if you know where to find it!

  5. Will remember to shout FIRE!

  6. Maybe I'll get a flame-thrower instead of pepper spray.


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