Monday, February 20, 2017

Review: Fitbit Charge HR From Xcite.Com

 I was in awe of my BFF's new Fitbit and when I realised they were on sale at Xcite I hurried along to get me one. At KD 24.900 for the teal blue colour I was well chuffed with my half-priced bargain and couldn't wait to get it on and clocking up steps. Really simple to use, comes with it's own USB charger, syncs with any android phone. I was adding and competing with friends in no time. I was so excited to see my steps reaching the 1000s. I found it very motivating and satisfying. I started notching up the awards in no time. All the while it's measuring your heartbeat, steps. distance, calories burned, hours of sleep, length of exercise time and estimated weight loss. You can also challenge your Fitbit friends, keep track of your calorie intake and water consumption by just adding the details in as you go on your Fitbit phone app.I LOVE IT 10/10 Just ordered another for my 13 year old princess because she keeps asking me if she can have mine.For more details or to buy the Fitbit Charge HR from [link]. 

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