Sunday, July 9, 2017

Win A Trip To Korea

The Embassy of the Republic of Korea organizes the Preliminary Competition in Kuwait for the “2017 Quiz on Korea” contest.

1. Time and Venue
6pm, 27(Thu) July, 2017 at the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Mishref

 2. Contestant eligibility
 a) Kuwaiti Nationals & Expats who can speak English and/or Korean.
  • Korean nationals and those who and whose (grand) parent have (had) Korean nationality are not eligible for this contest.  
 b) Participants in the Preliminary Competition will be divided in two groups.
  • i) Kuwaiti Nationals who are 18 years old or more (reference date for age : July 27, 2017)
  • ii) Kuwaiti Nationals who are under 18 years old and Non-Kuwaiti Nationals
  • Participation in the final round in Seoul, Korea on 15 Sep, 2017 will go to the grand prize winner of the group i) for whom flight ticket(Economy) and accommodation will be provided. (Tentative visit schedule to Korea : 11 Sep, 2017 to 16 Sep, 2017)
 c) If the grand prize winner of the group i) is not available for the trip to Korea, the second-best contestant of the group i) will be given the opportunity to visit Korea and participate in the final round in Seoul, Korea on 15 Sep, 2017.

d) Good result holders for the group ii) will also be granted some prizes and souvenirs.

 3. Application
a) Individuals who want to participate in the Quiz Contest must send “Application form”to the e-mail address, by July 22, 2017.

b) Spectators who will not participate in the Quiz Contest can visit the Embassy Premise without prior registration.

 4. Quiz Guideline
Contestants can prepare for the Quiz by downloading or viewing books about Korea at:

 (English) ► Resources ► Publication ► About Korea

5. Contact point or call us at: 2537-8621/2/3/4/5

Organizing Committee
Korean Kuwaiti Cultural Diwaniya
Follow us on:
Facebook: Korean Culture Diwaniya
Instagram: @Han_Kut
Twitter:      @Han_Kut

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