Wednesday, February 21, 2018

5800 Cases of Abuse Filed at Philippines Embassy in Kuwait Over the Last Year

May you rest in peace Joanna. 

I'm just watching the BBC News and they are addressing the issue of maltreatment of domestic workers in Kuwait. 7 deaths of Filipinos domestic workers last year alone and a whopping 5,800 cases of abuse filed with the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait over the last year. #Kuwait #humanrights #swsorg #OFW #Duterte

As the wife and mother of Kuwaitis this really hurts, doubly. Firstly, my heart breaks for this poor girl and the 1000s of others suffering abuse, non-payment of salaries, no day-off, etc. And secondly, it is so painful to see all of Kuwait and Kuwaitis tarred with the same brush. I hope and pray that rules will be enforced to ensure the safety and dignity of all workers here and those who dirty Kuwait's name to be punished to the limit. 

Happy National Day.

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