Saturday, January 30, 2010

HALA February Festival 2010

After picking up the newspaper this morning and seeing the pics of the parade at Souq Sharq, that we missed, it becomes clear why I actually started this blog.
Not sure why these parades get very little publicity and it's really your luck if you happen to be out and come across one.
So I'm making it my mission this week to find out what the Hala February schedule will be and where. The festival goes on throughout February.

LAYALI FEBRAYIR schedule 2010, location Ice Skating Rink.
There will be religious seminars and poetry recitals also on different days and looks like they will be in Arabic. Tel. 1822255 for info.
Here's the fun stuff for Arabs or Arabic speakers. These artists are mega-stars in the Gulf area and considering that concerts are normally not permitted in Kuwait this is a great opportunity to see them.

4/2/10 21:30 CONCERT-Bashar Al Shatti, Miami, Myriam Faris, Mohd Hamaki
5/2/10 21:30 CONCERT-Shireen Abdulawahab,Fadhel Shaker, Abdullah Ruwaished.
11/2/10 21:30 CONCERT-Abu Baker Salem, Nabeel Shuail, Asalah.
12/2/10 21:30 CONCERT-Yara, Wael Khouri, Hussain Al Jasmi.
14/2/10 20:00 Toyour Al Jannah-Kids musical/pantomime.
18/2/10 21:30 CONCERT-Angham, Aseel Abu Baker, Ahlam.
19/2/10 21:30 CONCERT-Asma Lmnawer, Warda, Mohd Abdu.

Info according to Al Watan newspaper, tickets from Zain branches at 360, Souk Sharq, Avenues and Airport.


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