Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Strands Salon and Nail Bar 20% discount

My absolute favourite salon and nail bar in Kuwait!!!

Strands Salon and Nail Bar at Fanar complex, Salmiya are offering a really great 20% discount for LWDLIK readers during the month of February.
The discount is for facials and nails so you can look your very best for
your Valentine's day date.

Call for an appointment:

Strands Salon tel. 25711237
Strands Nail Bar tel. 25720823


  1. I did mine and they are looking fabulous!

  2. Hi, i am fairly new in town, I always have gel or Acrylic nails, I am about ready for a new set, where is the best place to go?
    Hygene etc?

  3. Most definitely the best!! Becareful there are other places out there that are horrendous. You will be in safe hands at Strands Nail Bar. It's in the lower ground floor of Fanar Complex which is opposite the Salmiya Sultan Centre.

  4. how much does a trim cost in strands? can you recommend a stylist? do they shampoo/wash your hair before cutting it and then blowdry it afterwards?

  5. Hi miksha, I'm not sure about just a trim prices. Yes they wash hair first and you get a nice head massage 4-5 minutes very relaxing. Blowdrying is optional and priced accordingly. Give the salon a call to get accurate details, number's above. I usually go with Ashlee (who is a fantastic colourist also) but she's away at the moment, if you're lucky and the owner Michelle is around she's excellent and there's also Layla who's great and safe (if I say 2mm to cut off she listens :O) Chloe's also very good. Hope this helps. Let us know how u get on.

  6. Hi I have just stumbled across your blog, I think it's great by the way, keep up the good work! anyway I was browsing the older posts and came across this one, after just having my nails done by Emily at soho in Fintas, she really does the best Acrylic nails. Just wanted to share with your readers.....23902077

  7. Hi thanks for the tip :O)

  8. AnonymousMay 11, 2010

    i had my hair coloured at strands. an absoulte disaster! they bleached my hair so bad it was so damaged when i comb it it still seems to breaking off!!do not trust your hair to these people.

  9. Hi Anon, OMG poor you! Hope you complained to Michelle the owner. I can thoroughly recommend Ashlee as a colourist, not sure who you had yours done with but something like that happened to a friend of mine who went to Toni and Guy. Sorry to hear that usually only heard great things about them. What did you do? What colour did you go and from what shade?

  10. Thank you for this wealth of information. I have only been here one month and have been a little overwhelmed. Your blog has been very helpful!

  11. Hi Pinky, welcome :OD Glad to be of help.

  12. Hi

    I need a cut. Who do you recommend Strands or Toni & Guy?/

  13. I'm a Strands girl :OD

  14. Toni and Guy... or better yet do it in UK on a home visit!!!

  15. Toni and Guy every time. Strands never again...receptionists who lie to you about appointments and the management treat their staff badly, no point trying to book with Chloe she was excellent but they got rid of her

  16. Not ever had that problem with reception, who always call me the day before and confirm. And regarding their employees I know that's not true! You might need to re-check those rumours regarding staff and Chloe!

  17. Have tried Toni & Guy, didn't like that they got a novice to wash my hair. Normally this is my fav part of the visit but it was anything but relaxing more like irritating and unprofessional. My stylist didn't stop taking from the moment I sat down and when she wasn't talking about herself she was trying to sell me the whole line of products. Hair style wasn't bad but the rest was just unpleasant and annoying.

  18. AnonymousMay 05, 2012

    Hey ladies, found this website really helpful with my move to Kuwait.
    Just to let you all know I'm Sienade one of the new stylists at Strands

    I can't comment on any previous experiences but Im from Manchester and have worked in the city for the last 9 years
    any new clients who want to come chat about there hair please feel free.
    I always try to give an indepth consultation before any service is carried out.
    Hope to see some of you soon.

  19. Hi Sienade, glad to be of help :O)

    Welcome to Kuwait and I'm looking forward to meeting you. It's pretty exciting to have some new stylists in town. Can't wait for the new salon to open. Thanks for letting me know you're here.

  20. AnonymousJuly 04, 2012

    Hello ladies ,
    To let the you all know the new salon is now open.
    During the month of Ramadan myself( Sienade) Ellie-May Danielle and Leah will be giving 15% off all cutting and colour services. (we are all from the U.K)
    Please check the new website for the new location ( and contact us on 25711237/25711238

    1. Good to know, thanx Sienade.

  21. I desperatley need to color my hair, and its my first time to do so, Where do you recommend I do and with whom?


Always great to hear from you :O)