Sunday, August 26, 2012

Holiday's Over :O(

Arundel Castle, Sussex
We got back at 4am today. Left my new wonderful cookbook on the plane, maid started asking for KD 8000 as we had breakfast  - with a story that had my head whirling - and then she 
insisted she go to church.. now.. leaving me wth bags and holiday aftermath. And I thought I'd missed her...

Got some terrible news about Goran, a friend of ours. Hoping and praying he'll have a speedy full recovery. 


We did have a lovely holiday made even better by spending lots of time with adorable family and friends. Had great weather which gave us the typical English summer tan marks, you know the ones; half sleeves, neckline and lily white legs with shoe outlines on your feet. The weather had been so glorious that I had to pray for rain on our departure day or risk falling into homesick gloominess. But God did deliver and it chucked it down on our leaving date. Which helped a little.

Will be back later to advertise glorious England for your next summer holiday. Weather permitting of course :O)


  1. Now I saw your are already back, I am still in Spain. Wellcome back and keed this good job you do for all of us, the migrants.

    1. Ola Natalia, hope you're having a lovely time. I'm doing my best ;O) Need you to get back and help out too.


Always great to hear from you :O)