Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Supercar-Driving Millionaires from the Gulf Irritating the Residents in London

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If the video isn't working check the link above it's worth seeing. 

Okay girls out there - A guy who can holiday in London every summer but has no clue what Big Ben is..Ummmm! 

Slightly different note and a great story which will perhaps be a lesson for the young silly girls out there. A friend of mine was out of the country on holiday when his son saw his sports car being driven into Souq Sharq. Curious he followed and found it was occupied by a young girl in the passenger seat and the family's mendoub in the driver seat. The mendoub, a big fat Yemeni was posing as owner, a Kuwaiti and an airline pilot  (even had a captain's cap on the dashboard of the car) he was using blue tooth to pick up girls and blinding them with the car and some BS. Needless to say the son gave the mendoub a good rollicking. So ladies things are not always as they seem. 


  1. Haha! If you date a guy for his car then this is what you deserve.

  2. Now they can understand why the poor patients at Al Seef get no sleep !! Lol :-)Lxx

  3. like watches, those men who have big cars have little phalluses
    trust me on this one ladies


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