Saturday, January 26, 2013

Kuwait Airways New CEO Could Learn Some Lessons From Japan Airlines CEO

Well Done!

How about it KAC? - It's no secret that Kuwait Airways was sucked dry by many fat lazy employess that couldn't have given a damn for the company or the country. Ask anyone in KAC about the endless number who clocked in at 7 went home and clocked out at 2 or better still how about naming and shaming those who didn't even bother doing that but paid the Bangladeshi cleaners to clock in for them. You know who you are! Now that the forced paid (3 years salary, yes 3) retirement of many high paid Kuwaitis has taken place will it look any better on paper? Will anyone want to buy it? Can it make any money? I believe with the right people running it and employing the right people to work there - it's a possibility.

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