Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Grease Auditions at BSK Theatre Too

Okay, not sure who was first to think of staging this brilliant show but tad silly for both of them (BAIA and KLT) to do it, in my humble opinion :O) Personally, I can't wait but I shall only be going to one. Maybe you people could talk and one of the theatres could put on something else? Pretty please :O)

How about  Seussical, Wicked or Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory? Any more suggestions?


  1. It is crazy for two companies to stage the same show! BAIA announced their production way back in September so I know which i will be supporting. This highlights the lack of performing rights management in this country. In the UK - where you would have to legally register to stage a production or risk being sued, the rights holders would not allow two companies, so close to each other, to stage the same show in the same month.

    At Staged in Kuwait Productions we are planning to do Seussical The Musical in May. We are just trying to find the right venue. Any schools with a good stage and an open slot in their calendar please get in touch!

    1. I, too, shall be going to BAIA's production mainly because it's so much more convenient and, of course, because they put on great productions. Come on KLT you will really have to do much better than this to get people down there. It would be heart breaking to see KLT not get the support it needs and deserves. Change the darn musical won't you?

      Woohoo! Seussical the Musical, fabulous can't wait :O)


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