Monday, February 25, 2013

Hollywood Watch Out for This Talented Stunt Driver in Kuwait

These pics were sent to me by a friend who happened across this very 'talented' stunt driver in Mangaf, Kuwait just 3 days ago. Amazing! Apparently he was driving very slowly and had great control of the vehicle even going over the bumps in the road!


  1. Why did you hide the license plate?
    Are you trying to protect the reckless person?

  2. My initial instinct was to let the pics be shown with license plate numbers as I, too, was outraged at such recklessness and feel it's time people should out these criminals on social media. However, I did not take the pics and so it was the option of the photographer, a foreigner who was perhaps afraid of repercussions. And the photographer was impressed with the control this driver had with the car at this angle. Yes, reckless driving but what a feat!

  3. @ Anonymous
    You should appreciate his talent..

  4. The reason I smudged the number plate is because although it is a dangerous stunt the driver performed it on an empty road ie no other vehicle or pedestrians. He drove with amazing skill and control.
    The photographer.


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