Monday, March 25, 2013

Al Nowair - Speading Positivity and Smiles :OD


We are a Move, an initiative driven to spread positive attitude in Kuwait. An attitude we believe can be a way of living and lead to fulfillment and happiness.

Harvard research proves that having a positive attitude is a choice. You choose the way you perceive different situations. If you choose to look at them from a negative perspective your mind is unable to notice the positive. But if you sca
n it for the positive first, you immediately gain an amazing advantage, as a positive attitude improves the quality of your life and your health.

Alnowair is a collective of 5 different species of flowers that grow across Kuwait. Although each has different shape of petals all of them are yellow and round, all need the same elements to survive and they all spring to life together.

We call ourselves Alnowair because we know people are different. We know that each person is unique just like the flowers, but collectively we are still the same. Our basic needs are the same, no matter what age group or what income group we belong to.

We all might have different smiles, but the reasons behind our smiles are often similar.

Every one of us has a seed of positivity inside and it is our choice to water it, nurture it and allow it to bloom.

It’s that simple – it’s your choice.

LWDLIK - What a wonderful initiative :OD


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