Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Blonde Wearing a Pink Long Sleeved Top Sexually Harassed at Cairo University


The Cairo University student was surrounded on Monday by a group of male students who sexually harassed her as she walked across a busy campus. The woman was later escorted from the university by campus security, and the incident was filmed by bystanders -- many of whom appear unconcerned, or eager to join in -- and uploaded to social media.

One male student can be heard saying: "Guys, I'm going to upload it on Facebook -- whoever wants to watch this video, come to my page."

The university's president, Dr Gaber Nasser, added to public outcry when he told a television talkshow the incident had resulted in part from the woman wearing colourful clothes, instead of a more conservative cloak, or "abaya"'. He also said that she may face punishment for the incident along with her harassers, and possibly expulsion.

LWDLIK - Outrageous, disgusting behaviour! The president should be fired and all those involved should be held accountable.

I am so thankful I come from a country that outlaws sexual harassment. I faced it a couple of times in Kuwait. Once from an Iraqi supervisor who thought it was okay to fondle himself through his trousers in front of me, in the hope I might be driven wild with desire. When I told him he was disgusting and needed Pif-Paf for that itch, he backed off. Second time was in a hotel when a colleague banged on my door at 3AM and told me to open it. I told him through the door that I had called security need he'd better *&$% off before I called the police as well. Third time a man took a grab at my butt in the Souq to which I turned around and yelled all sorts of stuff at him and he ran off. Fourth time I was unloading the boot of my car and several youths in dishdashas asked me something in Arabic. I thought they were asking for change of KD 10 but then one did a crude thrusting motion and waved a KD 10 note around. I grabbed the nearest one by the dishdasha swung him around, walloped him and tried to kick him. Meanwhile, he was desperately trying to get away and all his buttons of his dishdasha popped off. He, and the others, ran off. When I told my husband he was annoyed at me as he thought I could have endangered myself. 'What if they'd had a knife,' he said. Well I know the answer to that because it happened to me in England and I reacted exactly the same way. Luckily, I'm here to tell the tale. It is what I shall teach my daughter too.



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