Friday, March 21, 2014

Kuwaiti Traditional Food Exhibition & Dishdasha Night @AWARE

March 27, 2014: Kuwaiti
Traditional Food Exhibition
& Dishdasha Night

This exhibition will offer visitors to the AWARE Center the opportunity to sample the wide variety of Kuwaiti’s traditional foods. Look forward to trying margoog, tashriba, or balaleet. Whilst trying something squishy, you have to have a go at sago worms, locally called butod, a feat which will win you many local friends. Visitors can also try on the traditional clothes on & have their pictures taken. Men can try the dishdasha & women can try the darra’a. 
This event is scheduled on March 27, 2014 from 7pm to 9pm and is free of charge; however, prior registration is requested at 2533-5280 or email

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