Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Please Give a Thought to All the House Pets About to be Dumped in the Streets.

We are struggling with many rescues & very little help, we need your support to spread the word, we urgently need foster homes, adopters & most of all donations, as we rely completely on donations to help sick and unwanted animals. Please help us, you can take a look at our work here https://www.facebook.com/KAREq8 or on our Instagram account @Kareq8. We get many people dumping their pets on us now that it's summer time, the worst is when they say if you don't come take them now we will throw them to the street. The worst thing you can do to a house pet is to throw them to the street, let alone in a weather like ours.

Maha Mullajuma
Head of Kareq8

LWDLIK - Very sad to think that some people would rather throw out their animals than pay for kennels whilst they are away. Check out KareQ8's noble cause and please help if you can.

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