Friday, July 18, 2014

Please Find it in Your Heart to Make a Donation to This Very Needy and Great Cause. God Bless You.

Beloved Friends and Family of Operation HOPE Kuwait ~ It is in a spirit of urgency for which this message is penned.  Recently it has come to our attention three urgent needs which your support would make the world of difference.  Please consider supporting one, two or all three of the following requests:
#1) An embassy shelter in Kuwait is without proper air-conditioning.  Currently more than 100 women are living at this embassy shelter, therefore they are cramped and confined to a relatively small living space which is supported by only one AC unit, which is currently not working properly.  Furthermore, one shelter ward was taken to a local hospital for treatment due to respiratory difficulty, which was the result of having inadequate cooling and air circulation.  The summer heat is stifling, and the shelter is in desperate need of our help! This brief message was sent from one of the embassy shelter staff: "there is 1 big hall and 5 adjoining rooms (1 of which is an infirmary). The big hall is cooled with the central AC unit for which they have received an approval of funds from HQ in **** for repair and servicing. They would be happy if we can sponsor the split ACs for the 5 adjoining rooms." A quote of KD 220 per unit X 5 units (which would include installation)  = KD 1,100. 
#2) A domestic worker who was left paralyzed from the waist down has been a ward of Al Razi Hospital since late January 2014.  Her mental health has recently become compromised due to her belief that she will never return to her native homeland again.  She, as a result of the despair she is experiencing, stopped eating more than one month ago, which led the medical team in charge of her care to place a feeding tube into her stomach, where she is provided with much needed nutrition to keep her alive.  Several members of the OH Team visited the patient earlier in the week to assess her situation.  All of us are in full agreement that it is necessary to have her repatriated to her native homeland whereby she will be admitted into a long-term care facility for continued treatment and rehabilitation.  As we discussed repatriation with her she wept openly and begged us to please help her return to her family.  Discussions with her embassy have clarified that her government will cover the cost of medically repatriating the patient, however will need your help for the provision of an air ticket for the nurse escort which will be required for the patient's repatriation.  The cost of the nurse escort on Kuwait Airways is KD 300.  Furthermore, it is our desire to remit funds to the patient's family in the sum of KD 75 each month for a period of 6 months to one year.  These funds would help to support the patient and her family during the difficult transition. 
#3) Syed is a little boy who was born with neurological challenges.  His life has been frought with one hospitalization after another, and one medical treatment after another.  His family contacted OH Kuwait several years ago after a particularly difficult hospitalization, requesting that we consider helping Syed by purchasing expensive nebulizing solutions for their son's recovery of pneumonia.  We agreed to help out with the medical expenses which are not covered under the Ministry of Health for Syed and have done so since that time.  Additionally, an expat family who read about Syed's needs through an OH newsletter offered to help to offset the costs of these medications as and when needed.  Recently it has come to our attention that Syed is in need of an expensive wheelchair which is designed to support his body and head in ways a regular wheelchair can not.  The price of the wheelchair is KD 1,600 and is available only at Essa Al Essa Medical Supply Co. 
No doubt you will agree that these three requests are worthy of your consideration and support.  We, the team of OH Kuwait, humbly request your support on behalf of these three individuals and their families.  Over the years this community has shown great compassion when we have sent out urgent requests for support; we hope and pray this time will be no different. 
If you wish to support one or more of these urgent needs please contact us via email or by phone (9937-5613) at your very earliest convenience.  These people need you... We need you... And we all thank you in advance for your consideration. 
The OH Team and I wish each of you a blessed Ramadan and hope to receive word of your support very soon. 
Sheryll Mairza
Email: "We cannot all do great things; but we can all do small things with great love" 
                                                                             -- Mother Teresa

LWDLIK - I can whole heartedly recommend Sheryll Mirza and her wonderful volunteers. I'm just getting on a jet plane and will be making my donation as soon as I get bank details to do a transfer. Please call for more details. Have a blessed Ramadan and a happy Eid holiday.

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