Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Bounce Back To-Do List

I have been putting off clearing out the family/storage room... forever. But whilst hubby was away decided the time is right. One reason for doing it whilst he's away is the typical male thing of, "We'll get someone in to move that, fix this and paint that." That someone seemed to evade us or avoid us. Plus you get to throw a lot of hubby's stuff out that they thought they couldn't live without.

Started 7AM and finished finally at 4PM. Knowing that if I was to stop for more than a two minute tea break, it would NEVER, EVER get done. Managed to clear two huge wardrobes, remove shelves, lean and drag under and through a doorway, push into place, return shelves, return clothes, remove books and crap from 2 floor to ceiling bookshelves, drag them through same doorway only going the other direction, return shelves and books, clean mess, hoover and mop. Exhausted but proud as punch! 

Husband got back from his trip and could not believe what I had done. He kept asking our maid if she'd helped me (which I had hoped she would) but she needed to go to clinic and get lunch ready so it was 95% me. The moving of the giant wardrobes on my own still has me baffled. I was quite sure I was going to squish my foot under something heavy. But no, not even a chipped nail. However, a good hot Radox bath was required for the aching back and limbs later. 

So very pleased with myself.  

Now to try and get the rest of my life in order... This might help.

It’s bright and cheery with a quote from Nelson Mandela at the bottom.  You could also laminate it and use a dry erase marker.

With thanks to for the free printables.

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