Saturday, March 28, 2015

British Embassy's Comic Relief Kuwait 2015 Event Raises Over KD 6200 for the Fight Against Poverty

A fun-filled evening at the British embassy event with the generous guests making large donations to help the Comic Relief 2015 Campaign. Hilariously hosted by Tim Waddell and Hassan Rawas assisted by Kristen Falcioni. The organiser, Karen Alanizi, worked tirelessly to bring it all together and deserves another medal. Embassy Events Manager, Heather McGarrick, had her work cut out for her but overcame triumphantly. A few minor hiccups but overall a wonderful effort for a great cause. 

With huge thanks to the British Ambassador HE Mathew Lodge and his lovely wife Alexia for allowing the event in the embassy garden. They were both great sports although I don't think either of them, or I, will be eating any more cream pies..ever.  

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