Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Father and Son 100 KM Sponsored 4 Day Trek Through the Kuwaiti Desert For Charity Operation Hope Kuwait

Photos of the two which were taken at the end of their four day trek, and I salute you, Mike and Ryan, for blessing OH Kuwait with such a charitable act of kindness and servitude. Your donation will surely be a blessing!

"An amazing feat which a father and son recently undertook in order to support OH Kuwait. At son Ryan Buist's suggestion, he and his father, Mike set out on a 100 km sponsored trek through the south of Kuwait.

This journey took them four days to complete, and included an encounter with a mega sandstorm on their first day out! They carried on their backs the weight of their supplies, which included water, tents, food, and other survivalist essentials in order that they could meet their goal of hiking 25 km per day. Only once in the morning and once in the evening did they have any phone contact with Mrs. Buist to confirm their whereabouts and safety, and then their phone would be disconnected in order to conserve its battery supply.

Mike and Ryan asked colleagues, friends and family to sponsor their goal of 100 km by making financial donations, and I'm very blessed (and humbled) to say that they raised over KD 400 through the generosity of people who live in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, and in other parts of the world! I continue to marvel at sixteen year old Ryan's suggested means of fundraising not many his age would be so generous by sacrificing a long weekend holiday to raise money for the sake of the needy. 

 Sheryll Mairza, Founder of Operation Hope Kuwait. 

LWDLIK - Bravo gentlemen. What a wonderful father and son thing to do. And for such a great cause.

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