Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Korean Nanta Evening Combines Music and Drama

Date: Jan 21(Thr), 2016.
Time: 7:00 pm.
Venue:  Abdulhussain Abdulredha Theater in Salmiya (Previously Salmiya Theater).
Admission: Free

Note: This time, NANTA will be performed in highlight version for 40 minutes.

Nonverbal Performance

Nanta is a nonverbal performance. Since it has no dialogue, and the story is expressed through music and motion, there is no language barrier. Thus, Nanta can be enjoyed by people of many different cultures.
Traditional Korean Rhythms

Nanta combines rhythms from Korean folk music with modern musical forms to create an experience at once unique and familiar to the international audience.

Many nonverbal performances can seem dull because they consist of only rhythms and beats. Nanta overcomes this drawback by using the art of cuisine as its background, and adding dramatic scenes to
the performance.
Audience Participation

Nanta’s audience can become part of the show and perform on stage. Spectators can be the bride and groom in a traditional Korean wedding ceremony, compete in dumpling stacking, and interact with the performers.

Washing vegetables, carrying meat loafs, setting fire, cooks at NANTA kitchen is about to begin their busy job as always, then the ill-natured manager  brings his little nephew and lets him learn cooking. The manager leaves with a harsh order that they have to prepare a wedding reception, which was not in schedule. Good smells of foods being cooked get to cover all over the kitchen and smiling faces of hilarious cooks make both the stage and the audience united. The reception is at 6 o’clock and it is at hand! Will the NANTA cooks complete the preparation on time?
Organizing Committee
Korean Kuwaiti Cultural Diwaniya
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