Sunday, September 4, 2016

I Love You Mumma x

I watched the new Jungle Book (2016) movie on a flight from Dubai where I had spent some quality fun time with my daughter. The movie took me right back to when I saw it the first time with my mumma. I remember the cinema in Shirley, Southampton. I remember the coat I wore. And the happy memories of my mum and I wiggling down the road afterwards singing the 'Bare Necessities' song. 

I was surprised to learn the first Jungle Book movie came out in 1967 which meant I was 5. My mum hasn't been very well lately, it was worrying for a while, but she seems to be feeling a lot better now. I was delighted and surprised that I could recall such vivid warm memories from so very long ago.

This is for you mumma. Thank you for all the love and the lessons.

Make great memories with your kids they really will remember them forever.

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