Monday, November 7, 2016

My Inspirational Homeschooling SuperMom Sister

My amazing sister, Sarah, started homeschooling her gorgeous son a few years ago. Yes, he should do modelling before you tell me, and yes he does already for Burberry, D&G, Kia, Morrisons, Mini Boden, Marie Claire and more. The main reason he came out of school was because he is too super, super smart and his modelling career is becoming busier and once-in-a-lifetime trips to all over the world chances becoming available. He hasn't actually got one of those trips yet but Aunty Kim has her outfit ready for the red carpet already so we are all very hopeful.

Already he was an avid reader, a book every two days - I kid you not, the love grown from my sister's story time sessions where she would enthusiastically and comically change accents and facial expressions for each character. She contemplated the homeschooling decision long and hard before and called me often to talk about it. As she learned more from homeschooling support groups they quickly prospered from all the great varied free stuff going on in the UK for kids. I was really surprised to learn that there is a small homeschooling movement going on in Britain and it is gaining momentum weekly. 

Just a little of the really cool stuff that my nephew, Finley, gets up to: Drama classes, choir, coding classes, forestry school, museums, kayaking, swimming, archery, crafting, galleries, baking, aerial gymnastics, running with his dad in mini marathons, robotics, an annual pass to the science museum, cycling and so much more.. 

I keep telling my sister to start a blog and share all their fun, educational adventures with more mums. 

She does Instagram as FinsMumma and makes me a very proud big sister and aunty. Of course, I do need to mention my fabulous brother-in-law, Ben, who works hard, runs marathons and is a great daddy and husband.

I'm sure she'd be happy to answer any UK homeschooling questions you may have at FinsMumma.


  1. Your nephew is gorgeous! Homeschooling has a pretty bad rap here in Kuwait right? It's really popular back in NZ though and I was semi-homeschooled during part of my school life. I did however miss out out on the social aspect and threw myself into as many extra-curricular activities as possible to make up for it. Music, sports, girl guides, church and a part-time job. I guess I turned out alright! Ha

    1. There are some really good online resources out there so I hope it catches on here. My nephew still has play dates with his school buddies but I can see how that would be worrying if new in Kuwait with no other homeschool support groups available.


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