Friday, January 6, 2017

Page Turner - Online Book Store for Buying and Selling New and Old Books in Kuwait

Page Turner is a new online platform in Kuwait for offering books for sale and allowing customers to also sell books through their website. 

Page Turner is organized and managed by students and alumni from Kuwait, and they are proud to be working together to offer the latest releases of books and must reads, as well as older classics and global bestsellers to increase the level of readership in Kuwait. The books range from fiction, non-fiction, children, educational, and different languages (English/Arabic). They are also working on adding more every day to diversify their offerings and appeal to followers.

They would like to take this opportunity to introduce to you their competitively priced website. The books are modestly priced as they offer a range of various new and slightly used conditions to meet the end consumer’s price quota.

Take a look website:

LWDLIK - Bravo young people at Page Turner it is a great initiative, excellent prices and a brilliant service. Thank you.

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