Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Pause Coffee, Mubarak Al Kabeer Street in the City is Trending Big Time

I know it's trending from all the illegally parked cars blocking the street. Yesterday night was mayhem but intriguing. The place was packed inside and out. An artisanal coffee shop/roastery - so freshly roasted coffee beans and then brewed in various ways. I, obviously, need to up my coffee game. My daughter was dying to visit and see what all the buzz was about. Alas, having circled 3 times and found no legal parking we moved on to our old fav, Pick Yo, a few blocks down. 

The place has a clubby feel which seems to be a huge hit with the young and stylish. Glad we didn't find parking as even I know allowing a 13 year old to have a coffee at 8pm on a school night is a no-no. But we will go back and find out what all the fuss is about just when it's not so busy.

Pause Coffee opens from 7am -10pm week days and noon-10pm on Fridays.

Dress code: Frou-frou for the ladies from what I could see. 

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