Friday, March 3, 2017

How Not To Parent at Kuwait Zoo

Do NOT pop your kids over a safety fence so they can get closer to the elephants and feed them what looks like a plastic wrapper. 


  1. Oh I feel sorry for the poor animals there as it is..when I visited the zoo in dec I saw a bunch of I'll mannered kids agitating the poor monkeys by teasing them with snacks n a single banana..the kids were practically inches away from the monkeys n wouldn't stop harassing's shocking to c how none of the ppl walking around not the staff working there even tried to stop them

  2. If I may say my opinion, honestly it is absolutely unnecessary to have a zoo in Kuwait, or as a matter of fact any zoo anywhere in the world, especially in the middle east, were animals are handled as merchandise or even given as toys to clueless kids, who have no respect towards those animals what so ever and end up killing or torturing them.
    World wide zoos are being closed, as people are getting more and more aware that this is a very old, primitive and ill way of keeping animals! Yet here, unfortunately, there are no signs of this kind of awareness, and it'll probably take another 100 years to happen. When it comes to animals, whether in the zoo or elsewhere around this country, they are all being mistreated and abused. Just sad!
    As Mahatma Gandhi said: "The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated" So So TRUE!!!


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