Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Review: Oriental Cuisine Restaurant, City Suites, Sharq, Opposite Dasman School

Gung Hay Fat Choy to all..

We had lunch here today. We have had a take-away before and it was so good. Sadly they don't deliver. It's a tiny place with only 18 seats inside which were all occupied. We sat outside where they have 4-5 tables. It's a basic restaurant, very clean, excellent service and good Thai/Asian food.

Lots of my friends rave about it. You will find half the customers here are Thai, and they know a good Tom Yom Koong soup when they find one. They are not wrong it was very good, best I've had outside Thailand. (It's a spicy shrimp, straw mushrooms, lemon grass, basil, yummy deliciousness good for clearing sinuses) Our 7 year old bambino was with us so couldn't opt for spicy main courses. She adored the shrimp rolls.

We had:
2 Portions shrimp rolls with Thai chilli sauce KD 4.500 (see below each portion 8 pcs)
1 Tom yum koong soup KD 2.250
1 Green prawn curry KD 2.250
1 Stir fried mixed veg KD 1.750
1 Stir fried brocolli and beef KD 1.750
1 Fried rice with crab KD 1.750
3 Soft drinks KD 0.750
Total KD 14.500

1 portion of shrimp rolls

I would have taken a pic of the Tom yum and the rest of the food but we were hungry and I totally forgot. Portions are large here which makes it overall very good value for money. We will order less next time and opt for the really spicy stuff.

For the brave they have durian fruit for dessert which is, due to it's strong smell, prohibited in some hotels in Thailand and Singapore. I couldn't smell anything in the restaurant but maybe no one had ordered it.

A little durian trivia-
• The smell of a durian has been compared to overripe cheese, rotting fish, unwashed socks and a city dump on a hot summers’ day.
• Historians report that Sir Stamford Raffles, who established Singapore as a British trading post in 1819, held his nose and ran in the other direction if he so much as caught even a whiff of the dreaded fruit.
• The durian is reported to be an aphrodisiac, according to several Asian folk sayings.

LWDLIK- LOL not sure if I believe the last one if it smells that bad.


Tel. 22470400

Update on 8/10/2016 - Sadly, the service is now very slow and confused and the food quality is below average. Such a shame used to be a great little restaurant.


  1. Thanks for the review! I'va always heard of this place and always got different directions to it and therefore could never find it! Been dying to try it! :)

  2. Found a map :OD
    It's on the other side of the road to British Embassy and behind the Diabetes Centre. Let me know what you think.

  3. Thanks so much! Dragging my husband there today! Him and I LOOVVVEEEE Thai cuisine-- so much we even had it for our wedding reception LOL! We usually like to got to Pattaya Beach in Kuwait City, which is also extreeeeemely delicious :)


  4. Ok, so I dragged my hubby down there tonight, and these are my thoughts:

    -Tom Yum Soup = EXCELLENT!!! It was so spicy it gave me a nose bleed! LOL! Soooo full of flavor! :)

    -Shrimp Spring Rolls = EXCELLENT!

    -Vegetable Fried Rice = Good :)

    -Green Curry = Good, but Pattaya Beach's green curry is wayyyy tastier. I also don't enjoy eggplant in my green curry.

    -Pad Thai = So, so. Didn't really taste like Pad Thai-- didn't have any peanuts either. Pattaya Beach's Pad Thai is wayyyy tastier.

    -Overall look of the place = cute & extremely clean.

    Overall, I the place wasn't bad, and I would definitely like to go back to try some of their other things since their menu was pretty extensive :)

    Have you been to Pattaya Beach? If not, you should try it and let me know how you like the food!! :)

    1. try Ginger at Muthanna... Excellent padthai... with a separate peanut sauce.... its less oily than pattaya

      howevr I like pattaya better cos it was my first padthai and the taste stayed with me... and I actually like a oil in my food.

    2. try Ginger at Muthanna... Excellent padthai... with a separate peanut sauce.... its less oily than pattaya

      howevr I like pattaya better cos it was my first padthai and the taste stayed with me... and I actually like a oil in my food.

  5. Hi Roxanne,

    I'm going to have to try Pattaya Beach out :OD
    Will chk your blog review.


  6. Great recommendation. If it were not for your mentioning the restaurant's Thai clientele, I would probably have given this place a miss. I tried it out the other day and was pleasantly surprised to find it was rather good. Is the food as good or as spicy as it is in Thailand, I'd have to say no. However, considering the difficulties in sourcing Thai ingredients here in Kuwait and the limitations that it inevitably imposes on the chefs' efforts to cook the dishes, they do a fine job indeed. Case in point: the straw mushrooms in the tom yum kung were substituted with oyster mushrooms; and the kway teo was made using rice vermicelli noodles rather than the thicker rice noodles . When you're homesick and craving a taste of the East (as I was), then the tom yum kung hits the spot.

  7. Hi Anon, Thank you for the detailed review you certainly know your Thai. Glad you enjoyed it. Have you tried the one Roxanne recommends Pattaya Beach? That tom yum soup at Oriental is hard to beat though :OD

  8. I have tried all Thai restaurants in Kuwait and I found the best one is in Fintas called Sabaidee Thai Cuisin, the best Tom Yum!!! I love also Gai Satay, spring rolls, beef jerky, etc

  9. Hi Anon do you have the address? Tel number? Do they deliver?

  10. Ban Sabaidee: 65925355, yummy in the tummy! :)

  11. hi there!
    i've always wanted to try thai food but i never get the chance to... i guess this place is the perfect one to try! if you could please tell me what things to order since it's gonna be my first time :) ... the shrimp rolls seem good to me, i love shrimps and seafood! :)

    1. Tom Yum Kung, shrimp rolls, green chicken curry, beef or lamb masaman, jasmine rice, green tea. :OD

    2. i'll try those one of these days... :) thanks!


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