Sunday, April 2, 2017

Review: Caffeine, Ahmad Al Jaber Street, SoMu (Souk Mubarakiya)

I like to think of myself as a regular now. It's my favourite coffee shop in the lovely downtown Souk Mubarakiya (SoMu). The owner is usually there and very hands on, friendly and a coffee aficionado. 

The above salted caramel cappucino was perfect, not too sweet but a distinct, lovely caramel flavour with tiny moments of a contrasting saltiness - Heavenly.

We usually have brunch outside and I have to say that the poached eggs on spinach and sweet potato is TDF as is the labeneh with zaater and pomegranite syrup on sour dough. Nirvana on a plate and gorgeous spring weather; can it get much better? 

We were lucky enough to meet their new young talented chef, Maryam Al Jassar, who whilst busy studying law at KU works part-time as the ingenious chef. Her passion is food and she was gracious enough to come and chat with us awhile. A very impressive young lady who has a very bright and delicious future in front of her. Always wonderful to meet young Kuwaitis with such passion, determination and work ethics.

A cute, quirky, stylish interior.

Bravo! We love Caffeine it's an easy 10/10 


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