Saturday, April 29, 2017

Review: Bateel, The Avenues

A dear friend of mine recommended brunch here as it is one of her favourites and I was happy to finally get a chance to do an impartial review (even if I was paying for it myself).
Lovely, airy location upstairs with views in phase two, service was at times erratic varying between excellent and then a little confused. We had difficulty understanding our waitress sometimes and after explaining to her that we didn't want strawberries with the waffles but still wanted the raspberry coulis, as per menu, we were a bit surprised to not receive any raspberry coulis. The staff were then busy, out of earshot and we were hungry so we went ahead and ate the waffles without the coulis. 
A good varied menu. I had the healthy breakfast option which was good but would have preferred if it had not come altogether so that by the time I drank my delectable juice, ate the tasty fruit platter and deliciously yummy muesli my egg white omelette was not cold. 
Surprisingly, the waitress brought white toast with the healthy option - I was unaware there was toast included and was not asked for a preference but when receiving the white toast asked if I could have brown instead which took some time to bring. 
The quality of the food was very good although I would prefer an egg white omelette with some herbs or flavouring (spinach and feta perhaps) as it tends to be too bland. The asparagus was perfect. My order also included coffee which I would have liked served with my food instead of 10 minutes before or at least given the choice. 
The healthy option was good but a little too much food, in future I would share this sized portion. It was priced at KD 7+ which for the amount of food and the quality I thought this was a fair price. Overall a very good experience that I would happily repeat. 8/10 

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