Saturday, June 17, 2017

Review: Rock House Sliders

Original Chicken KD 0.950

RHS Special Sauce - Crispy Chicken Fried In Peanut Oil - Cheddar Cheese - Pickles & Fresh Lettuce
Rockin' Messy Fries KD 1.600

Fries Drizzled With Chopped JalapeƱos & Bacon Bits Topped With Natural Cheddar Cheese - Frizzled Onion & RHS `Secret House Sauce` - Fried In Peanut Oil

My preciousness ordered Rock House Sliders tonight and they were delish. Poor Babygirl did not know that Mumma Bear would be trying them out. She ordered two Original Chicken Sliders which are small-medium sized burgers (that means larger than some of the teeny tiny sliders you normally get from other places), and the Messy Fries. But as they were pretty big sliders she allowed me to have one all to myself and a few fork fulls of the Messy Fries and oh boy were they good. Crispy coated chicken that was moist and perfect in every way. I really wasn't expecting to like the Messy Fries as it's not something I would normally order but they were fabulous. What have I been missing out on all these years. 

Talabat takes forever to deliver so my next RHS will be at one of their many restaurants. Overall a very reasonably priced unforgettable midnight snack for two. 

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It's a Bo Derek 10. Really showing my age here, my daughter's clueless.

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