Friday, June 22, 2018

Review: Cleo Mediterranean Restaurant, Avenues

Today, lunch at Cleo Mediterranean Restaurant, Avenues Phase IV. I was expecting way too much after hearing glowing reviews. It seems like so many establishments here if you don't visit within the first two weeks of opening, whilst the big honcho chef is in town, then you have missed the moment. 

The baba ghanouj turned up looking nothing like the picture. I told the waiter who kindly replaced it and added the missing capers. My kale quinoa salad with roasted veggies was way too oily. I don't think the veggies were roasted as they lacked the sweetness that roasting imparts. The veggies were mostly raw on one side and charred on the other and swimming in oil except for the zucchini which was mushy and oily and looked inedible so I didn't even try. The quinoa was a little bizarre it was harder than usual and seemed deep fried. Sadly, what I had hoped was going to be a healthy lunch turned into a greasy, unappetising disappointment. The bread was boring and uninteresting. Although the service wasn't bad I would have expected more concern over my lack of dining pleasure. I loved the gunpowder green tea but not enough to go back though. Plus I don't need to as the waiter told me it's Twinnings. Lovely setting, disappointing food. 2/10

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