Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Will The Sondos Qattan Scandal Ever Go Away?

Probably not, especially when she still has 2.4 million viewers and 28,700 likes for a post she made today. Sadly, I don't think Sondos is alone in her views and until the whole mindset is addressed and rectified it won't be long before we hear more of the same. I'm happy to see many sponsors have dropped her, it would be nice if Instagram does too. The very least she should do is offer an apology and a huge donation to cover repatriation costs of workers who have been mistreated so badly they had to abscond even though it's dangerous, illegal, costly and a huge problem for them but they could not bear to stay in their terrible situation any longer. Even if they just want to leave you to work for another employer for more money just let them go. The kafeel system is wrong and needs to be canceled. 

Eyes wide open, people it's time to have a morality check. 

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