Sunday, December 9, 2012

Anyone Else Worried About Mishref Co-Op Multi-Storey Car Park?

A friend's husband (who knows his stuff) went there the other day and noticed they have "supported" the upper level of the multi-storey car park by placing struts on the lower level. Essentially this means there is a weight overload on the whole structure and that it is unsafe. The lower level should be closed if this is the case but it is still open. My friend's husband reckons it's an accident waiting to happen.


  1. I worry about most of the parking structures in Kuwait; especially at Souq Kuwait with that twisty entrance ramp. EEEEK!!!

  2. I always felt doubtful about the Misref one, anyway! Stay clear of it, as I do.

    @Desert Girl, right! I thought I was weird finding the souq parking eerie. I do avoid it and park myself far and walk up!

  3. Your husband`s friend might know his stuff, but doesn`t know much about constructions.The number of props placed over there would have at least told him that a lot more are needed in case of structure over-load(failure).The car park is undergoing maintenance work and will actually be upgraded (thou nothing is wrong with the structure right now) to a higher degree of load bearing, just for safety.

    1. Thank you very much for your comment and insight - sounds like you're in the know. Let's hope your info is the one that's correct then.


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