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Contemporary Art Platform presents..

Mutual Writings
Calligraffiti workshop - 10th - 22nd of January 2013 

Free workshop for public, organized by CAP and led by the French Artist Vincent Abadie Hafez. This workshop will take a place in CAP’s warehouse and also CAP exhibition space, both indoor and outdoor. It is an open call for professional artists, beginners, students, graffiti and calligraphy lovers from all ages to express themselves and reveal their feelings, passions, ambitions and wishes with the beginning of 2013.

The workshop will be divided into two levels:

Level one: "You, a Wall and Some Colors"

Targeting only the artists, each artist will be having his own wall (250 x 100 cm) to freely write, draw or do his own art.The artworks will remain for a period of 2 months at the warehouse outdoor area, as a collective exhibition open for public. Artists should register to participate in this workshop and create a body of work from 28th of December 2012 till 8th of January 2013. 

Places are limited for 15 artists only.

Artists can send their details by email to:

Level Two: "Palimpsest Participation - in/outdoor":

Open for public, students, and beginners, to join us from the date of 10th of January 2013 at CAP warehouse or CAP exhibition space where permanent and movable walls will be located for them to draw or write whatever they feel like. This workshop will mainly focus on writings and letters that will be covered at later stage with a plain colors/ medium to be rubbed and peeled by them or different visitors, to discover a final result and a new abstract work that will be created out of spontaneous action.

CAP will be providing all the equipment and materials needed for this workshop.

Schools and parents can contact Dima Quttaineh to organize a special tours for them on this email :

About Vincent Abadie Hafez :
Vincent Hafez, Born in 1977, lives and works in Paris. Studied graphic art and since by the late 80’s he became a graphic artist, he has been strongly involved in the visual culture of street art. The  work of Vincent Hafez is the result of interbreeding, the influence of several cultures.

He approaches public spaces by grabbing the attention of public in developing a graphic and visual language based on free movements figuration,the spontaneity of the lyrical abstraction and finally taking risks of random graffiti. His calligraffiti has been marked many walls around the world, also he exhibited internationally and led many art workshops in different countries as well as taking part in many group exhibitions.

Vincent Abadie Hafez will be present to talk more about his workshop and meet the participating artists at CAP on the 9th of January at 6:00 pm. (before the film screening) 


Reminder : Upcoming Film Screening : 


Inline image 1

Date: Wednesday, 9/1/2013
Time: 7:00pm
Artist: Tadashi Kawamata
Title: Works In Progress, 52 mins
Director: Tadashi Kawamata 
About the film: Documentary approaches of Tadashi Kawamata's works together with unreleased films produced by the artist. A self-retrospective of the work told by the Japanese artist Tadashi Kawamata. 

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