Saturday, June 22, 2013

Get Real People! The World of Photoshop

Female Celebrities

Brittany Murphy. Skin smoothed over, color corrected, and eyes brightened.
Penelope Cruz. Cleaned up hairline and smoothed skin.
Kristen Stewart. Closed her mouth, smoothed skin, and got rid of under-eye circles.

Jessica Alba. Waist made smaller, thighs/hips/knees trimmed, background modified, and wrinkles on clothes erased.
Madonna. Skin smoothed out (a lot), eyes intensified, contrast and saturation increased.
Eva Longoria.Highlights added, eyes lightened/brightened, skin smoothed out, waist trimmed, underarms edited.
Sharon Stone. Skin airbrushed, underarms smoothed out, bust augmented, eyebrows cleaned up. Voilà--she looks 10 years younger.
Rachel Weisz. Um...her legs look completely different. And her neck somehow got longer. Hmm.
Naomi Watts. Color lightened, eyes brightened, skin airbrushed, eyeshadow added, and freckles removed.
Nicollette Sheridan. Skin smoothed out, under-eye circles removed, eyes brightened.
Alicia Silverstone. Skin edited, lipstick darkened.

Magazine Covers

Katy Perry. Thighs trimmed, tummy smoothed out, breasts made rounder, sock removed, color corrected, and hand edited.
Faith Hill. Wrinkles erased, arm thinned out, waist trimmed, hunched back straightened, and underarm fat removed.
Nitro Magazine cover model. Legs/arms/waist trimmed, butt lifted, hair added for more volume, wrinkles erased.

 Male Celebrities/Models

Matthew Macfayden. Pride and Prejudice anyone? Skin redness removed, under-eye circles and wrinkles softened, blemishes gone.
Thom York. Gotta love Radiohead. Nose straightened, right eye opened, lips made more symmetrical, ears trimmed.
George Clooney. Wrinkles softened, hair darkened.
Male model. Skin darkened, arms/waist/hips/legs trimmed, pants made smaller. Really?


Tyra Banks. Stray hairs removed, hairline cleaned up, eyes lightened/whitened, under-eye circles erased.
Bathing suit model. Suit color changed, fat from tummy/arms/thighs trimmed.
Model closeup. Under-eye circles removed, skin airbrushed, blemishes/freckles erased.
See? Nobody is perfect.
So don’t beat yourself up so much for not looking like the girls or guys in magazines. Photoshopped images create an impossible standard of beauty that just simply can’t be achieved by anyone.

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    So there's hope for me yet.
    Jabriya Babe


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