Monday, June 3, 2013

The Protégés Youth Program is Looking for Young People Wanting to Discover, Enhance and Unleash Their Own Potential - Registration til June 20

Register Now for The Protégés, Generation 3: UK Edition

The Protégés, powered by KIPCO, is an exclusive youth program for people

between the ages of 16-24 that focuses on building an individual into ‘the

individual’. The program looks upon different aspects of life such as:

leadership, project management skills, elevated awareness and life skills.

The program is facilitated by mentors who all specialize in different fields.

This year’s mentors include: Shamlan Al Bahar, Rana Al Khaled, Abdulla Al

Essa, Yarub Burhama, Mishari Al Mufareh, Abdulaziz Al Loughani, Abdulaziz

Al Adwani and Mohammed Al Nugaimish. Students will be guided by the

mentors, learn first hand information to build on and help them find their inner selves.

This year's program is a 3-week adventure starting from August 12th in

partnership with KIPCO, Kuwait Projects Company (Holding). The program

will include 1 week in Kuwait and 2 weeks in the UK; in association with the

prestigious King's College London. Through this experience participants will

understand the meaning of playing a role in society and understand the commitment  

and hardship of what it takes to be successful.


 Eager to learn

 Hard working




The Protégés GENERATION 3: UK EDTION could possibly have a spot for

you in this EXCLUSIVE and LIFE-CHANGING experience!

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