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Diary of a 10 Year Old Attending Dasman Diabetes Institute's Children's Summer Camp for Overweight Kids

Was impressed with the sound of the Dasmanite Overweight Children's Summer Camp and seeing as my babygirl's weight has risen to 51KG and she wasn't following any healthy regime or advice I was giving her - it was time for drastic measures. I thought best to check her overall health with a blood test for diabetes and to see if there are any hormonal problems causing her weight gain. Results will be ready any day.

First question I had was; Is this for kids with diabetes only? Answer: No. But this is part of a campaign to avoid childhood diabetes. And health and fitness are paramount.

I had sent her off to school everyday with a healthy snack which came back, most days, uneaten and the remnants of Oreo cookies or a Kit Kat wrapper in her snack box (which she had 'borrowed' or begged from a friend). So, obviously, my attempts failed miserably. Time to look for an alternative solution.

So I've enrolled her in the Dasmanite Children's Summer Camp it sounds like just what we need. A lovely, light, welcoming building (on the Gulf Road next to the British Embassy) that has free underground parking for its visitors (always a big plus). Their staff are very helpful with trained professionals to oversee the summer camp. The gym is brand new with lots of shiny, new equipment and a stunning 4th floor view of the beautiful beach area. The kid's programme will entail exercise, swimming, hip-hop, zumba, kickboxing, learning about nutrition, cooking classes and fun stuff. My daughter loved the place when we went to look around. She's very excited and looking forward to her first day on Sunday.

I thought I'd share with you her progress and details of her time at Dasman Diabetes Institute. Will update daily.

Day 1.

Weigh in 51KG. Fell in love with the staff. Learned about nutrition and how to make a delicious, healthy smoothie. Danced, zumba-ed and ran 5 circuits of the running track. Had a healthy snack on brown bread (must ask for recipe or place it was bought as she loved it). Got a Dasmanite t-shirt :O) Great first day.

Day 2.

Spent breakfast telling me how unhealthy junk food is and writing down why it's so bad for you. She forgot to eat her breakfast as she was so engrossed in writing, this is a first. Enjoyed hip-hop exercise class, learning and making an easy yummy parfait with low fat yoghurt, berries, honey and cornflakes. Loved it so much she made herself one for dinner. Another yummy sandwich on brown wholegrain bread from Think Café (I just need to find out where it is now). Kids learned about and did a simple stress test to measure regular heartbeat and heartbeat after exercise.

Day 3.

Made fruit kebobs with an almond custard dip. Worked out with hip-hop and kickboxing. Learned CPR and tried it out on dummies. A delicious salad and an omelette sandwich from Think Café. I think I'd like to join too.

Day 4.

Made monkey tails; wholemeal bread Philadelphia, shredded carrots and black raisins sliced into strips and toothpicked together. Had fun in zumba class, learned to merengue dance and  did some kick boxing. A choice of delicious, healthy brown bread sandwiches from Think Café.  Found out where it is, Think Cafe map [link]. 

Day 5.

Made a mango and strawberry smoothie. Listened to guest speaker, Laila, talk about healthy living and the importance of exercise. Swam in the pool and played water volley ball. Brown bread sandwich with labneh, olives and zaater from Think Café.

Weekend - Swam and made mummy buy brown pasta, healthy popcorn. Stuck to the promise to give up nasty fizzy drinks.

Day 6.

In training for the sports day and so far her team won the practice :O) Yay! Tomorrow's the big day. Come on orange team.

Day 7.

Yay! Victory! Orange team won the sports day. A fun obstacle course, balancing, a relay race and the grand finale 10 laps around the running circuit. Then came home and swam all afternoon. Feeling very energized from all the exercise.

Day 8.

Made delicious stuffed dates with peanut butter, pistachio powder and a walnut. Learned lots of facts about calcium which is found in milk, yoghurt and dairy products. Calcium is good for the bones. Had lotsa of fun in the obstacle course competition between team 1 & 2. Team 2 lost but will be back! The losers had to run 10 extra laps.

Day 9.

Selection of nuts and dried apricots for a healthy snack. Learned about more healthy snacks ie. popcorn, fruit, nuts are all much better than sweets. Belly danced and hip-hopped the morning away. As promised team 2 came back to win in the obstacle course with a vengeance :O) Losers had to crawl under the legs of the winners.

Day 10. 

Swam. Made popcorn and learned about all the great healthy stuff that can be added instead of sugar and butter like cranberries and nuts.   


Chalet - swam lots, remembered and spread the healthy eating info.

Day 11. Made a mixed salad with lettuce, baby tomatoes, corn, chick peas and walnuts and balsamic, honey mustard, olive oil dressing. Yum! Learned about energy drinks and how very bad they are for you. 

Day 12.

Blue/yellow team for sports day and they won. Yay! Definitely competition pushes all the kids to excel.

Day 13. 

Morning exercise, made a delicious turkey sandwich, learned about drastic surgeries for weight loss and learned the Heimlich maneuver for a choking person. More exercise.

Day 14.

Talent show for the kids. And Miss Kookie won! My babygirl sang her heart out and won. She loves to sing.

Day 15.

Workout followed by swimming. Learned about calories. Graduation ceremony. Sad farewells to all. Received an award for being The Dasmanite Diva - for excellence in the art of entertaining (singing, dancing and acting).

She LOVED her time at Dasmanites. She adored all her instructors, trainers, nutritionists and all the kids there.

Please, please DDI consider having after school workout sessions for the kids or weekends. We'll be the first to sign up.

And here they all are (photo below) paying very close attention, learning lots about nutrition, exercise and how to make healthier choices.

There will be a second camp starting soon please call 22242999 ext 4907 or 2074.

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