Thursday, July 25, 2013

Iftar at The One Restaurant :O(

Disappointing Iftar buffet at The One restaurant, Marina Mall. KD 9.500  for a choice of a glass of laban or jelab, one type of soup, 4 medium sized bowls of salad, around 10 choices of main course at least 4 were vegetable and 1 rice, 6 different desserts, no fruit or tea and coffee.

Sadly, my daughter is like me - when she's hungry there is no reasoning with her. It looked interesting enough but sadly failed to impress - except for an outstanding lemon curd tart that was excellent. Broccoli soup, broccoli salad and broccoli au gratin - great for broccoli lovers perhaps if they like over salted broccoli soup and oily broccoli salad. The fish couscous smelled too fishy to even sample, the beef was okay but again too salty for my liking.  

There were only three tables occupied and one table was a couple that had finished their meal. One was a single gentleman who arrived half way thru our meal. However the 3-4 staff that were on duty did not once come and attend to me with the heavy lidded chaffing dishes. I had to ask the waitress to come and hold the lid of the soup tureen as there was no where to place it.

A previous lunch meal, a couple of weeks ago, was a chicken pasta that was seriously horrible but I put it down to ordering badly. And on another occasion the afternoon tea pastries and scones were stale. 

As a 'once' veteran fan of The One restaurant -  a restaurant that used to deliver great food and service - you get a big thumbs down.


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