Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Project Dara'a

Fancy dara'a time is upon us. Mother-in-law's Ramadan reception is a dara'a only dress code. The hunt is on and I am gripped with the fear of disappointing those who think I can do this. And, ridiculously,  I get these moments of complete and utter madness where I think I can do a much better job than some of the ugly dara'as (darars?) that I've seen for extortionate prices. A dara'a is a traditional dress worn by Kuwaiti females especially during Ramadan. Fashion slightly influences it's style from season to season.

The first stop is Souk Safat AKA Block'at, the fabric souk in the city. Once you get there you will have choice overload, your mind will go blank and/or your intended plan gets changed a few hundred times. You can, if you are a lot smarter than me, go upstairs after buying fabric and have a tailor stitch it for you. But I've had some bad experiences at tailors so if anyone's going to muck it up might as well be me.

Now one can never really be overdressed in Kuwait - there's always someone in the room with a bit more glitz on than you (not always tasteful but glitzier). And as I've already been versed on how 'kashka' it should be - I'm going for over-the-top 'Hareem Alsultan' style.

1. Choose a gorgeous fabric in a nice bright colour that looks stunning on you ;O)
Consider the weight of the fabric as if too light it won't fall properly and will need lining. A contrasting brocade is always a nice touch IMHO.

Loose armholes, waist and flowing is the general idea.

Attention to details is what lets most darars I've seen down. It looks great and on closer inspection there are flaws.

A shawl collar made of Indian brocade. Lined in cotton for comfort from the heat and any scratchy fabric.

And now to go over the top with some cute baubles. Not a great pic still only pinned together at neck and strip of baubles needs sewing on.

Okay coming together quite nicely and now for a matching clutch bag. It's amazing the things you can learn to do on YouTube.

Will post the final pics in a few days.

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