Friday, August 9, 2013

Stop The Horrendous Animal Slayings in Kuwait

I was horrified to see these grotesque pics of shot and beheaded animals on my FB feed. I can't believe that any civilized society would condone such barbaric acts.

Here's KSPATH's response - 

Dear Facebook Fans,

We have been closely following the events taking place in the Khirain area involving the attack of a little girl by a pack of dogs and the subsequent shooting of at least 30 dogs so far.

Firstly, our thoughts and prayers go out to the little girl who was attacked and her family. Secondly, while we understand the anger and frustration in our community, K’S PATH is firmly oppo
sed to the wanton death and suffering caused by the shooting of feral dogs. At no time has shooting ever been shown to be a safe, effective, or humane form of population control. To the individuals doing this shooting: You have vented your anger, and enough is enough. You will not solve this problem through violence.

K’S PATH has been working hard for the last three years to develop humane animal control methodology for Kuwait and we have been extremely successful. Through our contracts with Kuwait Oil Company and Saudi Arabian Chevron, we have shown that humane animal control is safe and effective. Our programs have resulted in more than 97% control of all stray dogs in our areas of responsibility. We undertook these programs to prove that humane animal control could be done in Kuwait and that it is affordable. Meanwhile, we have worked closely with the Public Authority for Agriculture and Fish Resources for over a year to develop a contract for more practical and ethical dog control in Kuwait. The tender for this contract is due to be awarded to an as yet unknown company in the next couple of months.

In short, K’S PATH has been hard at work on this issue for several years. While we have not yet been able to solve the problem, we are making tremendous progress. We ask that people remain calm and direct your energy toward petitioning the government to move this program forward as quickly as possible and to supporting K’S PATH. When the funding becomes available, we will expand our dog control programs into more areas thereby making our communities safer.

For inquiries, please email
This must stop!

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  1. They are not just being shot. They're being stabbed, run over, beheaded, and otherwise tortured. Their last moments are filled with terror and indescribable pain.

    And while I appreciate K's Path's intentions, their words ring a little hollow when you consider that they regularly euthanize dogs at their facility. I have called them out to rescue stray dogs before, and they have refused on the grounds that the dogs were feral and would be put down anyway. They are indirectly supporting keeping strays out on the streets.

    It seems they only have a problem with the way these dogs are being killed, not the fact that they're being killed. Any animal lover must be opposed to the slaughter of healthy animals when rescue and rehabilitation would be an option.

    Kuwait is rich enough to direct funds towards humane population control. This country needs a dedicated, government-funded animal farm on a large piece of property where dogs can run free and be available for adoption. Where they can be spayed/neutered and rehabilitated until they are no longer a risk to the population.

    There is also enough money in this country to facilitate education programs in the schools to teach children how to interact with dogs. As a pet owner here, I regularly have the neighborhood kids bark and throw sticks at my dogs. They aren't raised with pets, so they have no idea how to react to them. When they get older, they think it's fun to set dogs on fire or shoot them or tie them to a pole and torture them. It's barbaric, and symptomatic of a wider disregard for the sanctity of life.

    Any developed country has protocols in place to control animal population and prevent/prosecute animal cruelty. It's high time Kuwait got with the program


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