Thursday, August 22, 2013

‘Mysterious’ Crocodile in Salwa, Kuwait


A Kuwaiti resident rushed home from work after his housemaid called to tell him that there was a “huge lizard inside”, only to find that... the reptile was actually a crocodile. The animal had mysteriously made its way inside the house located in Salwa’s Block 11 before it was first spotted by the family’s domestic helper on Tuesday morning. The terrified maid immediately called her employer who was at work and told him that there was a huge lizard in the courtyard of his house. He first suggested that she use a slipper to kill it, but she later called again and said that the lizard was too big and she couldn’t do anything about it. He rushed home after the maid told him she was thinking of leaving the house because she feared for her life.

On heading home, the man found a 1.5 meter-long crocodile waiting for him in the courtyard, so he quickly grabbed a firearm and killed it with a shot to the head. The man was quoted by Al-Rai daily yesterday, explaining that the crocodile looked weak and was moving slowly due to extreme heat and hunger. He added that he felt he was left with no other choice than to kill the animal before it could harm any of his family members who were locked inside their rooms

LWDLIK - Reminds me of the New York story of crocs in the sewers. Exotic animals are not good pets and can terrify the neighbours.

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  1. ... not to mention that they are endangered species. What is WRONG with these morons and exotics???


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