Tuesday, August 27, 2013

How Do You Get Your Kids to School on Time?

A few handy tips :OD

By anonymous...

“I admit it, I’ve sprayed her down with Febreeze.”  - My Fav.

“My kids take showers at night sometimes and then sleep in the clothes they want to wear the next day! T-shirt knit is a beautiful thing.” - Ummmm?

“I let the boys pick their clothes—and don't fret whether they match. As long as they are weather appropriate and the boys are content to dress themselves, that’s a success.” - Which is why there are so many Spidermen out there.

“I’ll be honest: bribing!” - My expensive fav.

“Tell them it’s 7 a.m. . . .when it’s really 6. (My dad used to do that to us too).” - Used and abused and no longer effective :O(

“Breakfast in the car, shoes on in the car, and hair combed/brushed in the car!!!” - Yep, this works for me.

“Roll up a pancake with butter and margarine in the middle. Hold it in place with a toothpick. Breakfast to go!” - Breakfast in the car followed by a gum saves a good 15 mins.

“I would buy dinner rolls and two or three kinds of lunch meat and make sandwiches, wrap them individually, and sort into labeled zipper freezer bags so the kids could just grab whatever they wanted and it was thawed by lunch time.” - Done this with pancakes, scones and waffles will be trying the turkey sandwiches soon.

“I am not proud of this, but if they have forgotten to brush their teeth, I will give them gum to chew on the way to school.” - :oO

“My boys have curly hair; the eldest, REALLY curly hair. If we were pressed for time, instead of stopping to try to comb it, we’d just ‘fluff” it and it looked fine. :->” - That answers a lot.

“I use weekly clothing sorters (the kind you hang from the closet rod), even with uniforms. I always hear ‘I can’t find. . .’ With the sorters, separated by day, they always have everything they need to get dressed and out the door...” - Far too organized for me.

“No one has to make their beds or pick up their clothes until AFTER school… I’d rather they eat.”

“When doing laundry, I fold outfits together, and put them in gallon-sized Ziploc bags. My daughters (2 and 6) can quickly pick what they are going to wear, but I know they will be appropriate and match since I put them together.” - This I will be trying.

Good luck mummies, almost back to school time :OD


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