Thursday, October 16, 2014

Kuwait English School To Be First School in the Middle East to Get Chromebooks

Great initiative from KES. To start with all the year 7s will be getting Chromebooks and eventually the whole senior school. The future will be brighter and lighter for our poor little sherpas who lug 10KG of books around all day. Eventually, all KES's text books will be available on the Chromebooks. Teachers are able to monitor, check, interact and grade the students' work. The school will maintain and control the Chromebooks and supervise access. The children will take them home every night for recharging and hand them over during the summer holidays for updating and maintenance. The child's Chrome cloud account is accessible from any PC, tab or android (that has internet access) at any time, using the child's password. The kids will have a school email, countless educational apps to enhance learning and endless research available at their fingertips. The KES Chromebook is virus free and specifically for learning. Already the kids are very excited at the concept and are enjoying discovering it's capabilities. No stealing or swopping them as each will have it's own IP address matched to each child's name. 

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