Sunday, October 12, 2014

New Environment Laws Effective Today

New environment law effective today – KD 100 fine for smoking; 250 KD fine for plucking flower
New environment protection law takes effect today with very strict penalties for violators. The law that was passed by the National Assembly in the previous parliamentary term and finally published in the official gazette Al-Kuwait Al-Youm states establishing a new environmental police division to follow up and track activities hazardous to the environment. According to the new law, penalties include a KD 100 fine for smoking in closed and semi-closed public areas, fining flower pickers KD 250 and KD 500 for littering. It also punishes those causing the death of marine and land fauna by KD 500.
In addition, the law includes the most severe punishment for those importing or storing nuclear substances with a KD 1 million fine or the death penalty.
According to law, staff officers from the Environment Public Authority (EPA) shall be tasked with inspecting and writing reports and notifying the police and referring violators to the public prosecution.

LWDLIK - Yay! Hope the litterers learn fast. Feel a little sorry for the flower pluckers but it would be cheaper to buy a couple of dozen bunches than pick a few.


  1. Let's hope the streets and especially the beaches stay litter free. Every time we go the kids and I take a bin liner and pick up all the rubbish left behind. It only takes seconds to put your rubbish in a bag and take it with you. I'm so pleased at this new law.

    1. It would be great if it gets enforced. Fingers crossed. I dislike intensely people who litter.


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